Dear Summer…

You and I have never been the best of friends — you’re just too miserably hot and sweltering for that to ever happen. But the onset of autumn is a good time to jot down the little things about you that I forget to appreciate.

Warm fingers. Warm toes. Basically, not having to worry about being cold. Mornings especially. Winter has such a way of making one cling to a nice warm bed…which admittedly, doesn’t make for a quick start kind of morning. Humidity — sure, it can make the air thick enough to slice, but I also don’t have dry and cracking knuckles. Also, being able to run outside with wet hair and have the sun and breeze do its magic in mere minutes. There are a few convenient aspects to you, I’ll grant.

Flowers. Even though towards the end of summer they’re dead and wilting from the heat, I can’t deny the fact that you bring spring’s promise of vibrant blooms to complete fullness. I’m very thankful for that.


Traveling — and friends. Humans have a tendency to wander when they’re warmed up, and that results in a lot of amazing memories; wondrous new places to see, new friends to meet, and old friends coming back to visit.

Lastly, I have a fondness for the quiet, lazy, “dog days” of summer. Granted, I’m hot and sticky and eaten up by pesky bugs, but a movie and an ice cream on a hot day have a magic all their own.

You also gave me time to think. Even in busy times, summer has an intrinsic easy-going feel to it, a way of saying “no pressure” and that’s especially appreciated. So even if we’re not best buddies, summer, I hope I’ll remember these little silver linings when you arrive again in a dizzying whirl of heat and humidity.

Till next time.


4 thoughts on “Dear Summer…

  1. Such beautiful thoughts, Mary! It’s nice to read about the things you appreciated this summer, and you strung them together so poetically. :)

    I have to say I’m looking forward to summer for the first time this year. I’m tired of the cold toes and fingers problem, and feeling like it will be nice to have a break (although, considering the things I have planned, it probably will be just as busy as the other seasons!).

    1. Aw thank you! It was good for me to write it down — I always look forward to winter, but that when that first really cold morning hits I always remember summer’s little perks :)
      I think the first part of summer is probably the most enjoyable part, after coming out of a dark, cold winter. I hope it has a speedy arrival for you! And that your plans all go well!!
      Thank you for your sweet comment :)

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