bw pagesThe one half, smooth and undisturbed, waiting to reveal its depths. I can wonder and speculate what is hidden inside, but I’ll never know till I look.

Above it, what I do know – the tranquil waters stirred by my own thoughts as I interpret the words, the story, in my own, unique way. You can see the ripples…the dips where a page stopped me in my tracks, not letting me go any further till I fully understood it. That slim little line near the beginning where I chuckled to myself over a funny scene. Or that small dip in the middle, where my thumb gripped the page as tightly as the story did me.

And there, boldly marking the chasm between past and future, is the present, held in place by a makeshift bookmark.

And of course, the cover. That funny little bent in it was where I fell asleep and rolled against it. I woke up feeling the momentary snooze was definitely not worth the crease on my new book.

But it’s just another physical marker of the story, a new story, that’s being created every time I open that cover. The story of a book and myself, and how we both changed each other. My changes might not be so outwardly, or detrimental to my resale value, but hopefully they have rippled my inner waters, and given me another lens with which to view the world.

I’ll always love real pages. Pages that can flutter under a breeze, or conceal a wayward petal, pages that have lived life many times over. To the author, they’re the realization of a dream. To the publisher and seller, they were a profit. And to me – they are an adventure, one that has yet to be finished.

In other news…this summer seems like it has flown by! Hosting guests, a lot of traveling, and ordinary tasks have blended together in a dizzying sort of way. And since it will only be getting more hectic in these last few months, I’ll be trying to wing my way through July/August internet free (save for email). Hopefully it will give me the bit of breathing room I need to use up the rest of summer as wisely as possible, and I’ll return along with the routine and cooler weather of autumntime. See you on the other side of summer! :)

i pretty flowers


2 thoughts on “Pages

  1. Reading is an amazing adventure – and you described it well. I definitely agree about the momentary snooze not being worth it compared to damaging a cover! :)

    I hope you enjoy the rest of you summer, and I’m looking forward to hearing about it when your life slows down a little!

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment! :)
      It’s a little strange, actually, how much I’m looking forward to autumn this year.
      I hope your winter is going well!

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