Summer’s End

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Happily, summer has begun to slip away, and l’m eagerly awaiting fall’s arrival with warm mugs, scented candles, and a cache of blankets. There’s also school, of course, but I’m not going to dwell on that :P
All to say, this post is a sort of round up of summer’s literary wanderings, so, in no particular order…

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Emma – I’m still reading this, and enjoying it more and more. It’s so much fun just to sit back and watch Austen’s characters interact. I’m about a 1/4 of the way through, and it feels like everything is poised for trouble. Entertaining trouble :)

The Thirty-Nine Steps – As a fan of the four (I think there’s only four) movie versions of this, I was happily pleased with the book. The suspense of the plot had me turning page after page, but then a particularly wonderful bit of description would make me slow down. Delightfully awful situation it was.

Ain’t We Got Fun – :D I was so excited for this, and it didn’t disappoint! Entirely perfect for summer, it had a fresh, unique take on the Great Depression. The only thing was, I had the song stuck in my head for awhile, but that’s not even really a bad thing, after all. :)

Besides these, I also read a couple WWII novels, became better acquainted with Agatha Christie, and discovered a lovely summer diversion in Sarah Sundin’s ‘Wings of the Nightingale’ series.

Over on the blog scene…

~I enjoy short stories a lot, and Emily Ann Putzke’s The Parcel was such a good one. Pretty sure I’ll be reading it over again at Christmas time for some extra fuzzies.
~Susanna’s new blog, Miss Adventure! I love everything about the new setup, especially the name. Her blog is certainly growing my interest in travel abroad!
~Other blogs I’ve recently enjoyed puttering around include The Second Sentence, Lipstick & Gelato, and Small Things.

And as far as my writing efforts go, well let’s just say they’re stumbling along. I have one sort of 1870’s story for the Rooglewood Contest, that is frustratingly close to being done, which accomplishment is made harder by the fact that I’m very distracted by another idea – I’ll probably end up speedily writing that one and end up ruining both, but oh well, it’s good practice, right?

And those were pretty much the words of my summer – having given it a proper sendoff I now feel better about flinging out the welcome mat for autumn. :)


2 thoughts on “Summer’s End

  1. Enjoy your autumn! It’s just coming into spring here, and I’m enjoying sitting out in the sunshine. :)
    Which WWII novels did you read? I always enjoy reading books about WWII. The last one I read was ‘Between Shades of Gray’ which was really good. Have you read it?
    I hope your story for the Rooglewood contest comes together – looking forward to hearing more about it! :)

    1. That’s so neat how the seasons are reversed! Our summer was unusually hot, so I’m definitely enjoying the cooler weather :)
      Most of the WWII books were actually non-fiction; a memoir by the Andrews sisters, an autobiography of a pilot’s wife during the war, and Secret Rescue, about flight nurses downed in Albania, which was really interesting because the third Sundin book had a smiliar incident. I haven’t read Between Shades of Gray, but it sounds interesting! I’ll have to add it to my list – I’ve been hunting down my next WWII reads and so far I’ve got A Distant Melody, Violins of Autumn, and Dear Enemy.

      Thank you! I’m starting to get a little panicky about the deadline; hopefully everything will work out. I may try to put together a short little snippets post about it sometime.
      Thank you so much for commenting!! :)

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