Camp Nanowrimo

As is my impulsive nature, I decided on April 3rd that I would attempt Camp Nanowrimo; after two days I got my realistic side on, and switched the goal from 50,000 to 25,000. On a very discouraging afternoon when reaching the day’s norm seemed impossible, I lowered it again, to 20,000. That worked much better; I clocked out at 20,595 words. Granted, they’re not all strung together in the most eloquent manner, and a few bunches I consider to be quite awful, but I did set a tentative goal and accomplish it. Yay! :)

The biggest lesson it gave me though, was routine. And it wasn’t just the satisfaction of seeing that little bar inch up every night, I was actually happy for the sake of consistency itself, a rather foreign idea for me ;)

My only thought going in was to write a World War Two story that involved bombers; everything else grew out of that. Grew too much, methinks. I introduced new characters like peanuts, had 2.5 plane crashes, two engagements, a wedding, and a secret mission. All in a short little story. I’ll have to work on that. Oh, and roughly 75% of it is dialogue; that just doesn’t seem right.  Anyway, Here’s a few little rough cut remnants of the train wreck that was Camp Nanowrimo!

 “Yes General. Yes, I’ll remember that,” he placated. “Certainly sir. Good…day.” Colonel Evers glared intently at the dead receiver. “Well. Just see if I send him fruitcake this Christmas.”

Rossetti leaned back, pleased.
“Told you it would work. I said you had eyes the color of freshly steamed broccoli.”
You what?” The eyes in question snapped and sparked.
“See? In Italian you were enamored with it, but in English it just falls flat. I prove my point.”

“Are you big, gray, and smokin’ like my grand pappy’s pipe?”

“Oh but they do have eggs,” Maynard returned, attempting to defend the pale yellow blob that wiggled unsteadily on the tip of his fork. “Nice chewy ones.”

“Now Irm, I have to throw the bouquet,” she muffled back. Irma quickly released her grasp with a penetrating glance at the simple purple arrangement.
“Why don’t you save me the gymnastics and hand it over right now,” she whispered, shooting a furtive glance to her escort. Madeline’s lilting laughter rung out in a gasp as she backed away a few steps and tossed the bouquet to Irma.
“Much thanks my dear,” she stated, plunking a kiss on the bride’s cheek before whirling about. “Ira! Look what I found!”


2 thoughts on “Camp Nanowrimo

  1. Congratulations Mary! I think 20000 is a great accomplishment indeed! I too find the 50-thousand really hard to get to in just one month. I do want to try it one day (ha, month, I mean), though, but for now I’m aiming for slightly lower ones like you.

    Your book sounds LOVELY. Lots of characters? Lots of dialogue? Two engagements? YES PLEASE. I want to read it! :-)

    By the way, I LOVE the title of your blog. It’s adorable.

    ~ Naomi

    P.S. Thank you for commenting often on my blog, Mary!

    1. Aww, thank you so much, Naomi!!!
      I’m glad I’m not alone with my word count; what’s good though now is that I can go back and fill out a few parts. It won’t add much, but at least the framework’s there. I’m so glad you’re interested in it!
      Thanks ever so much for stopping by :)

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